Good day, fair reader!

Welcome to my BVS blog, in which I will summarize on a semi-regular basis the goings on in my life as I embark on a year of servitude through Brethren Volunteer Service.

Historically all of my attempts at journaling have been complete and utter failures.  That is, UNTIL TODAY.  Today I have decided that I am no longer bad at journaling.  Never mind that my first blog post is coming a whole week after I’ve started work and several weeks since orientation…  No.  I am the best at journaling.  Just you wait.

Since this is sort of a blog post about blog posts, let me talk a little more about what I intend to post in this blog.  One of the pitfalls of my journaling technique, I have come to realize, is that I often feel as though I must talk about everything that has happened to me and everything I have thought or felt in chronological order.  This makes everything I write read like the minutes of a meeting.  It’s a chore to think about, a chore to write, and probably most certainly a chore to read.  So I’m trying something different.  I will be writing about the themes in my life.  Things that I’m already thinking about.  Connections I’ve made between events in my life.  I will try to stay away from “first I did this, then I did this”.  This will hopefully allow me to simply think instead of trying to remember.

So!  Instead of trying to feverishly recap everything that has happened to me thus far, I will instead leave here a few words that represent themes in my life over the past few months.  I will hopefully be able to elaborate on these themes in future posts.  Until then, my life is:

Strategic Planning
Bare feet
Eye contact