Hey folks!

Today marks the beginning of a year long project.  A musical journey, if you will.  I have committed myself to writing and recording one song every week for a year.

For the past several years my creative output has been stunted by a growing attitude of perfectionism.  I have started writing many a song, only to become paralyzed with the fear that the fully realized piece would not live up to its potential.  I have dwelt on too many unfinished ideas, and it is time for a change.  The goal of this project is to focus on quantity, not quality.  I will not be creating a flawless gem of musical genius once every seven days.  I hope to use this project to explore different genres, different instruments, different scales, different tunings, different words, and different topics without the pressure of perfection.  Think of them as rough drafts.  After they are recorded, I intend to tear them up, re-tool, re-word, re-think, and re-use them.

I am posting my recordings online to keep myself in check.  That way I have more pressure to actually follow through, since everyone will know if I’m slacking.  And I would LOVE feedback from those who are listening.  Let me know if there’s a piece you particularly like!  Or hate!  Or feel strangely about!  Also, I will enthusiastically receive any suggestions for future material, be it the subject of my lyrics, the style of song, chord progression, whatever.  Help me out.  Make it fun.

So here’s my first song.  The lyrics are inspired by my experiences in the DC Metro (and partially the Chicago CTA).  The ukulele riff is one I’ve been messing around with since the summer.  I thought about maybe adding another verse, but decided to leave it for now.  Also, I had originally intended for the whistling part to be a sweet vocal trumpet part, but I quickly realized that my ability to make my voice sound anything like a trumpet was severely lacking… :(  Ah well.  Maybe with enough practice I can surprise y’all with amazing vocal trumpeting skills in the future.   Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

SaW #1 – Don’t Forget to Smile

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