Hey listeners, whaddaya know?  Here I am, posting ANOTHER SONG!

What’s that you say?  It hasn’t been a week yet?  Only a day, you say?

WELL.  It just so happens that I occasionally have the inspiration to write more than one song a week, and this is a very special week because it is launch week.  That means double the fun!

This song was written for the crazylovelyawesome Hannah Monroe.  She is letting me borrow her cello for the whole year, so I thought it would be fitting for the first song I recorded with it to be about her.  This is my way of showing my undying love and appreciation of her generous loan.  (Mental note, kids, if you want me to write a song about you just do me a really awesome favor.  Preferably one that includes an exciting instrument.)  Considering I have no prior experience with un-fretted  instruments, I am proud to say I played at least %75 of the notes acceptably in tune on this recording. Go me.

SaW Extra #1 – Crazy Eyes Monroe

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