First an update: I’m doing a screen fast for lent (no computer/tv/etc. outside of work), which makes posting songs difficult, which is why I’m now only posting every two weeks.  But fear not!  I will have just as many songs.  The Song-a-Week project will briefly become the Two-Songs-Every-Two-Weeks project.

So this is my first instrumental SaW song, and also my debut recording with the native flute.  I just got the flute in October while I was visiting Sedona, AZ.  Thus the inspiration for the name of the song.  I have been wanting to write a song with the flute for awhile, but the silly instrument is tuned to B minor, which is annoying because most of my other instruments are tuned to C.  So I had to learn how to play in B minor on the cello, which was probably very good for me since most of the composing I’ve done on the cello has been in C.  Things that were harder than expected: trying to get a fixed pitch instrument and a fretless instrument (both new to me) to play in tune while recording them separately, adding in percussion after everything else and trying to fit in will all the fluctuations of rhythm.  Whoops.  Instruments (in order of appearance): Native American Flute, Cello, Ukulele, Guitar Case.

SaW #11 — Dusty Rock Blues

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