Alrighty, here’s the last song I will bombard you with for now.  Recently I’ve really missed being in the Carleton African Drum Ensemble, so I decided to make a little song that explores several of my favorite rhythms on the guitar.  With these rhythms, there is no time signature and no single pulse.  The rhythms stay the same in relation to each other, but the way they are perceived can change over time. I tried to arrange the rhythms in a way that guides the listener to hear one pulse in the beginning and then switch in the middle to hear a different pulse for the rest of the song.  The only part that actually changes is the bass part.  Try tapping out the “beat” as you listen and see if your perception changes.

The name of the song is referring to the syllables that are used to speak the rhythms.  The first rhythm you hear is spoken as “ga di de ga ga di de”.

SaW #16 — Ga Di De

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