My least favorite part about writing songs is writing lyrics, which is unfortunate because my favorite songs to write are songs where I use my voice.  That means sometimes I let other people write the lyrics for me.  In this case those people are J.R.R. Tolkien and some Irish person.  I came up with and recorded both of these songs today and I couldn’t decide which one would be the legit SaW and which one would be an extra, so they are BOTH my song for the week.

Be Thou My Vision is hands down my favorite hymn ever.  I have been fiddling around with the first part of the melody on the ukulele since September.  I was supposed to sing it in church and I thought it would be cool to come up with accompaniment on the ukulele, but I started working on it the night before and realized it would take much more time than I had allotted to get something that sounded decent.  All I got were the first two lines.  Finally this weekend, after playing the first bit thousands of times, I decided it was time to get fleshed out.  Alas, since the melody and lyrics already exist, this is more of an arrangement than a composition.  But I worked really hard to change up the harmonic context and make it sound unique, so I think it counts.

So I just realized this week that The Hobbit movie is coming out very soon!  It made me happy, and I decided to start reading the book again in preparation.  That gave me the idea to write a melody to Bilbo’s song.  He probably wouldn’t have gotten as bluesy with it, but hey.  The spirit moved me.  Also, I didn’t want to risk it sounding similar to the one in the movie since I haven’t heard it yet.  I included the original lyrics from The Hobbit and the additional verses from the Lord of the Rings.

SaW #1.1 — Be Thou My Vision

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SaW #1.2 — The Road Goes Ever On

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